homework5[1].jpgHomework Policy

Homework is your responsibility not your parents' or guardians'. Homework is posted on the white board in the front of the classroom. You are expected to copy it from there into your planner. If your have questions on the homework, post it on the discussion board and if you are lucky some kind soul will help you out with a response. Do not let long term assignments go to the last minute.
That said, there are extenuating circumstances where things go wrong. In these cases I will look at your work habits you have demonstrated with me so far. If these are good there will be no problem when bad circumstances arise. Do not bother with a note from your parents; your word and good reputation are enough.

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Try it You'll Like it


1. Google Earth: Who doesn't love looking around the world. Try, Gallery/Rome 3D, Gallery/NASA.

2. Dimensions: Takes important places, events and overlay them onto a map of where you are.

3.VSE: Virtual Stock Exchange, a free stock market game. Create private games with a cash balance you set. Test a stock strategy.

Great Free Audio Book (Podcasts)logo-audiobook1.jpg

12 Byzantine Rulers

History of the Byzantine Empire through its' Rulers. It will give you more than you need to know.

Norman Centuries

Adventures of the French Vikings as they run around the European world conquering as they go.