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1.High School Quiz Show......... 4. GeoBee Challenge......... ... . 7. Viking Questt............. .10. Battlefield Acaademy
2. Traveler's IQ Challenge........ 5. GeoSpy................................ 8. Battle of Hastings... .. .11. Medieval Siege
3. History Channel.. .............. .. 6. Independence Day Quiz..... .9.**Spying Game** ........ 12. Build an Aquaduct

13. Arches

header_hsqs.gif1.High School Quiz Show
WGBH brings young, exciting, and smart back to the world of TV game shows.

logo_homepage_white-slogan_dropshadow.png2. Traveler's IQ Challenge
Play the travel geography game.

logo.png3. History Channel
Lots of Games about History and Geography

Honey_Bee.jpg4. GeoBee ChallengeThink you have what it takes to be a geography whiz? Test yourself with questions from the National Geographic Bee. Come back every day for five new questions and another chance to beat the Bee!

images-1.jpg5. GeoSpy
Quick—how many countries can you pinpoint on a map? How about continents? You've got just a few seconds to find as many places as you can. Good luck!

>>6. Independence Day Quiz Think you know American History? How about how our government works? Each year, thousands come to our country to take the Naturalization indi-subpage_02.giftest and >>become citizens of the United States. Could you pass the test?

launch_viking_quest.jpg7. Viking Quest
Takes you back to AD 793, build a ship, cross the seas, loot a monastery and return home to claim your prize? Your chief has set the challenge, it's up to you to respond.Turn up your sound for the full Viking experience.

launch_hastings.jpg8. Battle of Hastings Takes place on 14 October, 1066. Then find out more about what caused the confrontation that changed the face of England, as well as the consequences of this historic defeat.

launch_spying1.jpg9. Spying Game See if you can crack the code that incriminated Mary, Queen of Scots, and discover the secret message it was meant to convey.The game takes you into the world of Queen Elizabeth I and her secret service - which was highly successful at cracking secret codes, and was overseen by the most ruthless spymaster of them all, Francis Walsingham.

launch_battlefield_academy.jpg10. Battlefield Acaademy Pit your wits against the remorseless Artificial Intelligence engine of the Battlefield Academy, in four challenging historical missions.The computer will be your enemy as you seek to gain tactical battlefield experience. You will only graduate when you have won every mission.

cartoon-castle-1032.png11. Medieval Siege
In the Middle Ages, those who attacked castles used trebuchets, military engines capable of firing missiles with frightening force. In this section, view an actual trebuchet NOVA built, and construct and fire one of your own online. Also, find out what other weapons were used and what daily life was like in a medieval castle.

RomanAqueductNimesFrance.jpg12. Build an Aquaduct
Aqueducts are one of the wonders of the Roman Empire. These graceful structures are not only majestic, but are engineering marvels that survive to this day. In "Construct an Aqueduct," you are hired as Chief Water Engineer by the Roman Emperor. Your job: to build an aqueduct that will supply the Roman city of Aqueductis with clean water to private homes, public baths and glorious fountains.